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Franchisees Wanted: Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Invest In Batteries Plus

Batteries Plus is now taking applications in a number of new territories, some of which have previously been closed. If you’ve expressed interest in a particular region that was closed in the past, you might be wondering why these areas are available now. A number of factors go into that decision. First and foremost, we strive to grow our company sustainably while working to protect the investments of our existing franchisees and allowing them the opportunity to expand. We have also paused our growth efforts over the last couple of years in order to improve our franchise experience. We’re a better company than we were several years ago, with new and better resources in the areas of training, support, product offerings, commercial sales, as well as ambassador and exit programs to aid franchisees at the beginning and end of their careers.

Training and Support

Batteries Plus launched its new training platform empowerYOU in February of 2019. This new platform completely overhauls our previous training, by replacing it with an ongoing, interactive online university. Even if you have no previous experience in our industry, empowerYOU will provide you with the tools you need to become an expert. You’ll learn through a combination of virtual and on-site classroom training, guided experiences, webinars and more. Best of all, you’ll continue to receive lessons long after you’ve opened your store, to help keep both you and your staff on top of changing technology.

We’ve also expanded our franchise support network by increasing the role played by our Directors of Sales and Operations (DSO). Our DSOs are now more active in our stores, partnering with franchisees to provide them with in-store training and to share best practices used by other successful stores throughout the country. They also offer additional support in the areas of inventory management and store operations to help owners keep their stores stocked and running efficiently.

New Products and Services

Batteries Plus is constantly expanding its selection of products and services to better connect with retail and commercial customers. In the past year alone, we have added smart home products and safety gear to our list of products, while significantly expanding our key cutting operations to include keys for homes, boats and a wide array of other vehicles.

Smart home is especially significant due to its projected rate of growth, which is estimated to become a $192 billion industry by 2023. It also brings a younger, more tech-savvy consumer to our stores, positioning the franchise for continued success in the future. Best of all, the smart home category brings customers back to our stores by allowing them to add additional cameras, motion detectors and plugs to their home systems as they become more accustomed to home automation.

Safety gear offers another promising source of revenue. In 2019, the personal protective gear industry generated an impressive $17.86 billion in the US alone and is expected to reach $58 billion globally by 2022. There are currently an estimated 50 million individuals working in jobs that rely on personal protective equipment.

Commercial and National Sales

Since assuming the role of CEO in January of 2019, Scott Williams has made the expansion of commercial sales one of his key initiatives. We’ve undertaken a number of developments to help franchisees build this lucrative source of revenue. For starters, we have greatly expanded the role of our Commercial Sales Effectiveness team. Each of our owners now receives personal coaching to help them more effectively capture commercial business. Your coach will work with you directly to share strategies to help you approach commercial industries, secure lead appointments and navigate sales calls more effectively.

Batteries Plus is also actively developing new sources of commercial business by building relationships with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs). GPOs are organizations formed of individual companies that have banded together to increase their buying power. Scott O’Farrell, Batteries Plus’ VP of Commercial Sales spoke about this new area of growth, “When we looked at what has driven Batteries Plus’ commercial success over the years, it was clear that our commercial business was done in nine key industries. Our challenge was telling our story to as many in those nine industries as possible. We determined the best way to do this was to find purchasing groups that represented these industries. That was the birth of our Group Purchasing Organization strategy.”

Currently, we have forged relationships with 11 of these groups targeting schools, churches, healthcare facilities, restaurants, contractors and the trucking industry. We have also created a dedicated team to continue to build a business in this lucrative area and drive that business into the stores of our individual franchise owners.

Ambassador and Exit Programs

One of our newest innovations is the addition of ambassador and mentoring programs to our Charge Up program. Charge Up is a step-by-step program that begins once a franchisee signs their agreement and continues all the way through to opening their store. The ambassador program pairs new franchisees with veteran owners. This is an incredible resource, providing new owners with an experienced voice to help them make the best decisions for their business beyond all of the world-class support they are already getting through the Batteries Plus franchise program.

We’ve also recently rolled out our exit program for owners in the latter phase of their careers. When an owner is approaching retirement, selling their business can be a challenging prospect. Our exit program pairs owners with resources to help them transition their businesses successfully, so that they can profit off of all the time, money and effort they spent over the years building it up. It is a continuation of the support and guidance that begins when they first become a franchisee and follows through every phase of the life of their business.

Now that you’ve heard about our recent innovations, let’s talk about you. Whether you’re considering owning a business for the first time, or you’ve spoken with us in the past regarding a territory that has recently opened back up, we want to hear from you. Please fill out the form below to receive a copy of our Digital Investment Guide. A member of our team will reach out to you to answer all of your questions and help you determine if owning a Batteries Plus franchise aligns with your financial goals.

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