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Franchise Training: Setting New Owners Up For Success

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Batteries Plus has helped people from all walks of life become store owners through our extensive, world-class franchise training.

Batteries Plus has been recognized as a leading franchise by a number of industry-accredited publications ranging from Forbes® magazine to Entrepreneur® magazine, Franchise Times® and more. If you’ve considered purchasing a franchise of your own, you might be wondering if you have the know-how to compete in this industry. After all, you’re probably not a battery or cell phone repair expert, so how do you acquire the knowledge and skills that you need to be an effective owner?

Here’s the good news. Our franchise model is built on a network of world-class training programs that begin when you sign your agreement and extend long after you’ve opened your store. In this blog, we’ll walk you through your initial training and highlight how we help you to become a battery and bulb expert.

Online Training

After signing your agreement, you’ll receive access to our online university, empowerYOU. This is where you will begin your training. Our online curriculum takes roughly 30 days to complete and will help you build crucial knowledge in the following key categories.

Store Culture and Leadership
In this section, you will receive valuable strategies for creating a culture of trust within your store, as well as tips for coaching employees and becoming a more effective leader.

Selling and Customer Service
These courses will help you connect with retail and commercial customers, resolve customer issues, and become a stronger salesperson.

Day-to-Day Operation
Get a bird’s eye view of running a successful store with tips on everything from staying organized to recruiting your team.

Products and Services
This is your introduction to the products and services you will provide. These courses provide you with knowledge concerning batteries, light bulbs, and the crucial role they play in our customers’ lives.

Finance and Goals
Develop strategies to help you manage your finances. Topics include basic finance, as well as tips for setting sales targets, tracking progress, and more.

Classroom Training

After completing your online curriculum, you will spend the next two weeks attending classes at our Training Center located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Your first week will elaborate on the topics introduced in your online training, reinforcing your learning with courses taught by field experts. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to dig deeper and ask any questions you might have about the business’ core concepts.

Your second week will focus on services and technology. This is where you will learn all about the technical aspects of our key fob  and device repair services , preparing you to oversee these areas in your store. During this time, you’ll perform tablet and cell phone repairs, learn how to cut keys and program replacement key fobs.

You’ll also receive coaching sessions from a member of our Commercial Sales Effectiveness team designed to help build your skills as a sales person. Your coach will share valuable strategies that will help you approach commercial industries, secure lead appointments, and navigate sales calls more effectively.

Rob Osmond, a recent Batteries Plus owner, had the following to say about his training, “We asked a lot of questions while we were in Pewaukee, and no question went unanswered. If [our trainer] Mr. Blonski didn’t have the answer, he would find the person that did.” Mr. Osmond also pointed out that, “There was a lot of information to take in during two weeks, but don’t worry, the best part of the training is it doesn’t really ever end. There is a lot of follow-up training online and at your location.”

Preparing Your Store

Following your online and classroom training, you’ll be assigned a Store Opening Specialist (SOS). Your SOS will spend a full two weeks at your store, beginning with the week leading up to your store opening and remaining on-site during your first week of operation.

Think of the SOS as your personal expert who is there to assist you with everything from setting up displays and fixtures, to ordering merchandise to guiding you through accounting and Point of Sale software. You’ll undoubtedly have questions during your store opening, but you can rest easy knowing that your SOS is there to lend assistance during this crucial time. Rob Osmond shared how impressed he was with this support, saying, “Our Store Opening Specialist, Jen Tucker, has been a huge help with getting our daily operations up to speed and training our staff.”

Another important partner in your ownership experience is your Director of Sales & Operations (DSO). Your DSO will typically visit your store within the first 30 days of opening. DSOs work with you to improve sales and operations within your store. He or she will help keep you aware of training opportunities and other corporate resources while sharing valuable business strategies used by other stores throughout the country.

As you can see, we put enormous effort into our franchise support, to give you the knowledge and resources you need to succeed. It’s a system built on 30 years of continuous improvement, built to meet the demands of the changing retail landscape.

Interested in owning a franchise of your own? Just fill out the form below and a member of our team will reach out to you.

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