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Batteries Plus Bulbs – 1st Wise-certified Device Repair Retailer

As a national leader in tablet and cell phone repair, Batteries Plus Bulbs puts enormous effort into training our technicians. Until recently though, the device repair industry had no industry-wide repair standards, making it difficult to distinguish our stores from other less-reputable repair retailers. Fortunately, all that is set to change with the introduction of the CTIA’s Wireless Industry Service Excellence (WISE) Certification Program. The WISE program creates a set of industry-wide standards that helps consumers identify quality repair destinations. Batteries Plus Bulbs has been recognized as the first retailer to be certified under these standards, positioning us as one of the highest quality device repair retailers in the nation.

What Is The CTIA?

The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association  is a nonprofit trade organization that represents the interests of the American wireless communications industry. It is an organization made up of everyone from wireless carriers and suppliers, to manufacturers of wireless products, mobile app developers, insurance companies and cell phone repair retailers.

The CTIA works to promote the wireless communications industry by advocating for policies that benefit the industry. They also create awareness of industry standards for repair components, technician repair quality and retail outlets with policymakers and the general public. The WISE certification addresses this last objective directly, by bringing greater transparency to the device repair industry. The creation of industry-wide performance standards benefits both Batteries Plus Bulbs and consumers alike. They highlight our position as a device repair industry leader, while providing customers with a list of WISE-certified retailers they know that they can trust.

The Certification Process

The Wise Level 2 certification test gauges an individual’s ability to perform important repair functions like screen assembly and battery replacement, as well as repairs to other components like headphone jacks and speakers. Candidates are required to pass both an online training course and a hands-on repair skills test in order to receive certification.

The test itself is administered by a veteran repair technician, who monitors the performance of each candidate via webcam to ensure that all repairs adhere to the proper methodology. At the end of the test, the candidate’s device must be 100% functional in order to pass.

How It Helps Our Franchisees

This certification is great news for franchisees because it showcases the quality repair work provided by our technicians. Since entering the tablet and cell phone repair field in 2014, we’ve put incredible effort into sourcing high-quality device repair components, and training our device repair technicians. As the first repair retailer to be certified under the WISE program, those qualifications will finally receive the national attention they deserve.

“CTIA certification increases an owner’s confidence in their store’s repair capabilities by providing an independent third party certification process. Certification ensures our technicians are well trained, up to date and capable,” said Batteries Plus Bulbs owner Norma Riley.

This certification also provides us with nationwide recognition, making us more attractive to customers and driving an increasing share of revenue to our individual owners. “Our WISE certification will help us lead the market in repair quality and reach even more people who are looking for high-quality device repair services,” said Batteries Plus Bulbs CEO Scott Williams.

With our nationally-recognized repair service, 30 years of growth and a multi-faceted business model, there’s never been a better time to become a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchisee. If you’re interested in owning your own business, fill out the form below. A member of our team will reach out to answer your questions and help you determine whether franchise ownership is right for you.

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