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Smart Home Products Bring New Revenue To Franchise Owners

Batteries Plus Bulbs is constantly updating its line of products and services to provide new revenue sources for franchisees and keep pace with our customers’ ever-evolving technological needs. Over the years, we have added cellphone/tablet repair, vehicle key cutting, as well as key fob programming and replacement to our enormous selection of batteries and bulbs. The launch of our new Smart Home line of products continues this trend, by adding a new source of revenue for our franchise owners.

What is Smart Home?

Smart Home  products enable consumers to perform a variety of home-related tasks through the use of an app on their tablet or cell phone. These tasks can include everything from turning lights off and on remotely, to viewing video streams from a home security camera, to receiving alerts when motion is detected.

Batteries Plus Bulbs CEO Scott Williams highlighted that Smart Home “can make life easier for our customers, whether they’re looking for more security or want to streamline their daily tasks. With Smart Home, we’ve formulated a total home solution, curated and inspired by specific requests from our customers.”

Smart Home is ideal for customers looking for added security. The outdoor live stream cameras enable them to monitor their homes while they are away, and alert them if someone is on their property. The products are also ideal for parents of young children, enabling them to monitor nurseries, bedrooms and kids’ playrooms with indoor cameras. Customers can even set door and window sensors on dangerous areas like medicine cabinets to alert them if they have been opened.

But Smart Home isn’t only about security. These products also offer the incredible convenience of closing garage doors, switching on lights and turning off appliances from miles away. Plus, they’re great for entertaining too, enabling users to create the perfect holiday ambiance with color-changing lights.

Benefit To Owners

This Smart Home initiative provides a lucrative new revenue source for franchise owners, one that’s set to increase significantly in the next four years. According to a report from IHS Markit , Smart Home revenue is expected to grow from $41 billion in 2018 to an impressive $192 billion by 2023.

In addition to revenue, Smart Home brings with it the opportunity to drive a variety of new shoppers into our stores, offering the potential to create long-term, loyal customers. Batteries Plus Bulbs owner Jake Riley said, “With competitive product pricing, and our unique ability to help serve our customers, we believe this category to be a big win for our system.”

VP of Franchise, Project Management & Chief Strategy Officer Jon Sica spoke about the advantages our franchisees have over online smart product retailers. “Our expertise helps educate the customers. They leave our store with specific knowledge on how to install and operate the products that they can’t find online.”

With the individual components ranging in price from $14.99 to $89.99, Smart Home is ideal for customers interested in trying out smart products, without requiring an expensive upfront investment. Best of all, it’s easy for customers to add additional components at a later date, providing the potential for additional sales in the future. Smart Home Category Manager Kaitlyn Hermsen pointed out that “The flexibility to add additional items is so nice because you never know when a customer might want to add another camera, light bulb or smart switch.”

The launch of Smart Home is the latest example of our diverse selection of products and services, designed to drive revenue for our franchisees, while staying on top of our customers’ needs. If you’ve ever been interested in owning a business of your own, consider the advantages of a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise. We offer the flexibility and financial freedom of being your own boss, backed by a comprehensive system of support.

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