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Building Success By Supporting Our Stores

One of Batteries Plus Bulbs’ greatest strengths is the extensive network of support it offers its franchise owners. The corporate team is constantly refining the services it offers in an effort to better serve its franchise community.

At its recent national convention, Batteries Plus Bulbs unveiled three new resources designed to help redefine a different aspect of the franchise experience and improve a store’s overall retail performance.

Empowering Employees

The first of these new initiatives, empowerYOU, improves the way in which owners and associates are trained.

This new approach strives to make learning far more interactive with a combination of classroom training, guided experiences, webinars and more. Plus, with empowerYOU, knowledge and skills are built continually over time, helping associates to better retain what they have learned.

What this means for owners is a more effective workforce, who are better able to meet the needs of a store’s customers.

In addition, the new mini-degrees program creates the incentive for employees to push their knowledge further by earning certifications in a number of valuable areas ranging from device repair to lighting, customer service and more.

This career boosting service allows employees to further their career while making it easier for owners to retain their valuable employees.

Building TRUST

The second of these new programs is TRUST Customer Service and TRUST Selling. John Kollm, Batteries Plus Bulbs’ Director of Services, summed up this initiative as “the program that gives associates the roadmap on how to best connect with our customers and make a lasting impression.”

TRUST provides owners and retail associates with a number of strategies that define everything from the way in which they interact with customers, to methods of reaching out to better serve the community around them. This will help owners and their employees to build a better rapport with their customers, creating customers that remain happy and loyal for years to come.

Another important aspect of TRUST is the selling strategies it provides to our retail employees. This guided approach helps both owners and associates to build additional business with selling techniques that help guide them through everything from suggesting product add-ons and services to building commercial revenue streams.

Measuring Success

The final new initiative, Medallia, is a customer experience platform that works in tandem with both empowerYOU and TRUST culture by allowing owners to measure how well they are connecting with their customers.

John Kollm highlighted what a big deal this is for franchise owners.

“We have never had a tool to measure customer service like this one before.”

Using Medallia, customers are able to give valuable feedback regarding their experience through the use of customer surveys. Owners can chart the feedback they receive, using it as a valuable gauge of their store’s customer service skills.

In addition, the program also enables users to reach out to customers via phone or email, allowing owners to offset a negative experience. There’s even a series of templates designed to help owners craft the right message to fit their particular situation.

Batteries Plus Bulbs’ franchise owners can look forward to these new programs, which will be rolled out throughout the coming months.

In summing up these new initiatives, John Kollm had the following to say, “Retailers today cannot win without providing exemplary customer service. We now have the tools to ensure we provide it, today and every day, like never before.”

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