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Inside Batteries Plus’ Partnership With Samsung And Why It Matters For Franchisees

The rapid development, innovation and adoption of mobile device technology has opened up numerous opportunities for businesses agile enough to keep pace.

Consider this: In 2011, just 35 percent of Americans had a smartphone . Today, roughly eight in 10 consumers are walking around with one. Another half of the adult population in the U.S. owns a tablet.

In addition to direct retail sales, the smartphone and tablet market has spawned an already massive and growing mobile device repair sector, valued at $3.9 billion annually. Batteries Plus was quick to identify and act on this significant opportunity to add smartphone and tablet repair to the existing services franchisees could take advantage of and diversify their revenue streams.

As a brand, Batteries Plus invested in not only entering the device repair market – but being a market leader. Batteries Plus was the first device repair retailer to become Enterprise Certified by the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association’s (CTIA) Wireless Industry Service Excellence (WISE) Certification Program. This certification establishes standards that separate high-quality retailers from others in the space. It also assures both manufacturers and customers that their devices are being operated on by only the most highly trained technicians.

Since becoming a member of CTIA in 2018, Batteries Plus has certified more than 3,000 technicians through the WISE program.

The Advantages of Working with a Smartphone Leader

The partnership between Batteries Plus and Samsung provides numerous advantages for both parties.

For Batteries Plus franchisees, the consumer market is enormous. Millions of people own Samsung smartphones and tablets. Through the Independent Service Provider program, consumers will have the confidence knowing their devices will be handled by technicians who have access to Samsung genuine parts, received specialized training and are using tools that meet Samsung’s brand standards.

“While we’re proud of the exceptional standards the technicians achieve every day, this partnership with Samsung provides an added level of confidence and expertise when handling Samsung device repairs,” said Kukuk.

Not only will technicians have access to Samsung genuine parts, but also proprietary training, tools and processes Samsung has approved for device repair, including an automatic opening device for accessing internal components and batteries. This training builds upon the already rigorous standards Batteries Plus franchisees have in place through the WISE program, which certifies technicians to comprehensive industry-wide standards that encompass the full range of processes and skills required to conduct repairs. Additionally, franchisees and their technicians have access to Samsung product-specific diagnostics that allows them to check the functionality of each part of the device, such as the headphone jack or cable ports, before it’s returned to the owner. The result is a repeatable, consistent and more efficient experience for customers, technicians and franchisees.

Ultimately, the partnership brings a level of notoriety to the Batteries Plus brand. Samsung customers can have confidence knowing Batteries Plus technicians are maintaining elevated quality standards.

Elevating an Essential, Consistently Strong Retail Franchise

One of the fundamental strengths of a franchise brand like Batteries Plus is consistency. No matter if a customer visits a store in Wisconsin or in Florida, they seek out and deserve the same level of expertise and exceptional service regardless. This consistency is what fosters confidence and loyalty.

Through the partnership with Samsung, Batteries Plus franchisees can capitalize on an elevated level of expertise and consistency. The program is currently rolled out in almost 300 Batteries Plus locations, through which the brand has received positive feedback from technicians and insurance clients, and will be activated in 340 stores by the end of March. Batteries Plus looks forward to rolling out the program to the network of participating franchise locations in the first half of 2021.

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