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If you’re wondering, “how much can I earn with Batteries Plus?” keep in mind that no one can predict how any new business will perform. That said, we’ve learned a few things, having opened 700+ locations since 1988. When you get in touch, we can take the variables into account to give you an estimate. Here, learn about some of those variables.

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Factors That Influence Your Return on Investment

The Size of Your Customer Base

The population in your area will impact your traffic.

Single vs. Multi-Units

Opening multiple locations has the potential to significantly increase your revenue via creating economies of scale -- allowing you to save on product shipment costs, personnel, and more.

The Location You Choose

The accessibility and visibility of your location could impact your returns.

Your Marketing Plan

The efficacy of your marketing strategy could deliver more customers through your doors.

Your Longevity

It takes time to establish a strong customer base, and your years in business could have an impact on your bottom line.

$652 Billion

Total Industry Value

From Our 2021 FDD


Average Unit Volume (AUV)
All franchise locations


Top 50%
of franchise locations


Top 10%
of franchise locations


Gross Margin

+4 Locations

Our Average Multi-unit franchisee owns 4+ stores

A Simple Process to Get Started

The best part of investing in a Batteries Plus franchise is that you can count on receiving comprehensive support as you open your new business. Our systems have been proven to work – all you need to do is master them. As you work through this process, we’ll help you maximize how much you could earn with Batteries Plus.

01. Learning About the Brand

You’ll receive comprehensive information and connect with real franchisees. Learn about the high demand for batteries, bulbs, and smartphone repair.

04. Develop Your Location

Batteries Plus works with you to find the perfect location, build it out, stock it, market it, and much more.

02. Discovery Day

Get to know our leadership team and company culture.

05. Training School

You’ll learn the systems and processes needed to keep your business running smoothly.

03. Become a Franchisee

Signing your franchise agreement means we can start building your business.

06. Grand Opening

You’ll open your doors to your community, and we’ll continue supporting you throughout the life of your business.

Increase Your Bottom Line with Multi-Unit Opportunities

As you research how much you can earn with Batteries Plus, keep in mind that multi-unit opportunities could help you increase your revenue considerably. Opening multiple locations can grow your customer base exponentially! Batteries Plus offers exclusive incentives for multi-unit owners, making it an even more effective way to invest.

Contact Us for a Customized Estimate

Still wondering, “how much can I earn with Batteries Plus?” Get in touch! We’ll take your unique circumstances into account to give you an educated estimate. We’ll also be able to provide you with a more precise estimate as to how much you should expect to invest.

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