Two franchisees, Javier and Alejandro, are standing in front of a Batteries Plus store.

How Shopping For A Watch Battery Led To Multi-Unit Expansion Plans

Javier and his twin brother Alejandro always knew they weren’t going to work for anyone else. Looking for something they could do together, they opened a Jani-King in Savannah, Georgia, at 25 years old and were recognized as franchise of the year.

While living in Savannah, Georgia, Javier Barquero often passed a Batteries Plus but never knew that it was one the nation’s largest retail franchise for batteries and light bulbs. In fact, he remembers thinking ‘what an odd store.’

Until one day his wife was in need of a watch battery and while shopping at the store, Javier immediately understood the demand for the niche and essential business. He was met with knowledgeable staff, was able to quickly find what he needed and saw for himself how much the Batteries Plus franchise had to offer.

Embracing the Batteries Plus Franchise Opportunity

Javier immediately called his twin brother Alejandro to tell him he found a retail franchise they needed to check out. Soon after, the brothers entrusted their Jani-King operations to a manager and chose to relocate to open a Batteries Plus in their hometown of Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 2015.

With more than 45,000 different types of batteries, light bulbs and accessories, Batteries Plus franchise resonated with community members. Another attractive offering is the number of in-store services, including device repair and free battery testing and installation.

With no retail experience, the brothers felt equipped with the right tools, resources and insight gained from the hands-on, multi-week corporate training, process. However, the learning curve of the product knowledge was the toughest part of the first year in business.

“We learned to hire the right people with sales background and invest in ongoing training for our people to ensure they feel comfortable being able to clearly illustrate all the store has to offer,” said Alejandro. “It’s not about upselling but rather educating guests what we do and what promos are available to them. It takes one visit for consumers to return once they look around their home and realize all that the store can supply them with.”

Expanding with Batteries Plus

In 2018, the brothers opened their second location and opened their third in March of 2020. With all of their stores seeing sales increases of 10-15 percent year over year, they now have plans for two more locations. Especially, with the real estate market, they are seeing some of the best offers they have seen since 2015.

“In March and April of 2020, I was nervous. Our commercial business was down and that’s 30-40 percent of our business. Commercial business ranges from schools, hospitals, clinics, universities, personal and business accounts,” said Javier Barquero. “Then we saw an upward shift, business picked up and we were up 15 percent. We were fortunate enough not to be one of the businesses that struggled significantly. In fact, we started to see a spike in specific outdoor power sports and motor-operated activities like boating. We have also seen portions of commercial business pick up and are hopeful for additional activity.”

The brand offers stability through its multi-revenue streams and services with each core offering within a multi-billion dollar market. For the Barquero brothers, each of their stores has a different top-performing sales category, one is device repair, another marine sport and another key cutting and fob programming. Also being in hurricane alley, the brothers know the importance of remaining open and ensuring the stores are fully stocked when natural disasters and unexpected harsh weather hit.

After seeing their stores weather the COVID-19 realities, they feel confident in moving forward with their multi-unit expansion plans.

“We trust Batteries Plus to be successful because we have seen that no one else offers what we do and how we do it serving as the local reliable retailer with quick, same-day solutions,” said Javier. “We’re well-positioned for growth, especially in the next several years. Our product categories are excellent, our services are excellent, and Batteries Plus offerings are where the future is headed.”

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