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How Batteries Plus Is Winning Locally In An Online World

Over the past 20 years, online retailers like Amazon have dramatically reshaped the retail landscape. While many brick-and-mortar retailers have struggled in the face of these challenges, Batteries Plus has continued to thrive, carving out our own unique space in the retail and commercial landscape. So, how do we compete with the online giants? Batteries Plus stays ahead of its competition by offering fast, expert customer service, continuously educating our employees on the latest tech trends and by anticipating local consumer needs.

Essential Same-Day Service

The key to our success lies in being essential. We live in an increasingly technology-dependent world. When a customer’s phone dies or their car battery has stopped working, they often don’t have the luxury of waiting several days for a solution. They need their problems fixed now.

Batteries Plus is here to provide customers with whatever support they need when they need it. When customers visit one of our stores, they find a sales staff well-trained on the latest industry trends and newest devices, plus a wide-ranging selection of batteries, bulbs, smart devices and more. Our experts can answer all of their questions and make certain that customer leaves with the right solution to their issue.

“We live in a world where we rely so much on battery power, and when battery power runs out, it’s a truly huge inconvenience we want to rectify immediately,” Batteries Plus Vice President of Category Management Shawn Budiac said. “Batteries Plus has the local inventory at the time customers need it with in-store expertise to make sure they leave our doors with their problem fixed. What’s more is that customers do not need to pay expedited shipping fees. They get the convenience without the added cost.”

We also have thousands of unique products available to fill an enormous variety of retail and commercial needs. Not only is the inventory at each of our stores tailored to the needs of its surrounding community, but we maintain an extensive online inventory as well, backed by our own supply chain and logistics operation. This enables us to send products to any of our stores throughout the country in one to two days. This provides our customers with a variety of convenient purchasing options, including in-store sales, online transactions or a combination of both with our Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store option, which was recently expanded to include curbside pickup.

Staying on Top of Industry Trends

At Batteries Plus we put an enormous amount of effort into keeping our owners and their employees informed of emerging products and industry trends. In the last year alone, we have added smart home products  and personal protective safety gear  to our list of offerings, while increasing our key cutting services to provide spare keys for homes, boats and a wide range of other vehicles. Not only does this help franchisees ensure that they are stocking up their shelves with the best and most timely technology, it also helps them to provide the expertise that our customers rely on.

“With the power of more than 720 stores, we are constantly able to analyze data and ensure we have the latest and greatest inventory we need in our stores for our customers,” Budiac said. “We identify, for example, when a new mobile hotspot battery is available that will have a high consumer demand. We communicate that information out to the field so our franchisees can stock up and have that immediate availability.”

We also offer our own line of proprietary products.

“We provide our customers with exclusive access to our private brand products, like X2 and Duracell Ultra, that offer premium performance and unbeatable quality and fantastic warranties,” Batteries Plus Vice President of Franchise Development & Project Management and Chief Strategy Officer Jon Sica said. “This really helps us in the age of e-commerce and insulates us from the competition out there in the market, because people can’t find our products anywhere else.”

Batteries Plus franchisee Mary Pelach has been with the brand for over 25 years and owns and operates four stores throughout South Dakota and Nebraska. She praised the Batteries Plus leadership team for their progressive thinking and for the many resources they provide franchisees. For instance, we offer a proprietary online university called EmpowerYOU, through which employees can receive micro-degrees and certifications on batteries, device repair, recycling and more.

“We consistently hear from customers that the people working in our stores actually know our product line,” Pelach said. “Our store employees answer questions for customers and provide the kind of personal service you just cannot find online. “You can go out and find products that are available for sale, but can you find someone who can actually change the battery in your cell phone or vehicle?”

A Plugged-In Approach to Daily and Seasonal Needs

Batteries Plus franchisees are very much in tune with the communities they serve and are directly involved in their day-to-day needs. For these reasons, the brand’s franchisees can often anticipate what their customers will need and when they will need it. The brand’s stores also keep extended hours and are open on weekends, which greatly helps with emergencies that require immediate attention. Furthermore, Batteries Plus leverages seasonal pushes for specific inventory in different parts of the country.

“We believe in stocking up in anticipation of events rather than having to react to events. This ensures we get the product ahead of need and in time,” Budiac said. “We make sure our locations have all of the tools they need in order to be ready to go. For example, in the northern part of the country throughout the months of December, January and February, the brand makes sure its stores always have car batteries on hand in preparation for cold spells. When Hurricane Dorian hit the east coast in 2019, there were various programs in place to get our franchisees inventory as fast as possible.”

By staying on top of industry trends and investing in the training and education of its employees, Batteries Plus proves that massive online retailers can’t compete with our ability to offer in-person expert service and same-day solutions. If Batteries Plus sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please fill out the form below. You’ll receive access to our Digital Investment Guide, which will help walk you through the basics of our franchise experience. A member of our team will also contact you, to help you determine if owning a Batteries Plus franchise is the right fit for you.

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