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How This Nonprofit CEO Discovered His Passion For Franchising

For nearly 20 years, Edwardo Castro worked as the transportation director for a nonprofit organization that helps individuals with developmental disabilities. Today, not only is he the Chief Executive Officer of that company but he’s expanded his business ventures with another rewarding concept: franchising.

Why Franchising?

Edwardo is the first one to admit that prior to becoming a franchisee, he didn’t care much for the misconstrued franchise model. He wanted to be able to make his own decisions and provide customers with quality service using his ideas and creativity.

Of course, he quickly realized that the “control” aspect of franchising was nothing more than a common misconception. In fact, the more he learned about the Batteries Plus brand, the more intrigued he was.

“I realized that there are so many benefits to working with a franchise, like brand recognition. Even when people come to Yuma from all different places, they know the brand,” he explained.

It was only a matter of time before he was able to use his creativity to run his own Batteries Plus store.

Becoming A Batteries Plus Franchisee

Edwardo first became interested in the Batteries Plus brand over 20 years ago. When he would travel for business, he’d always stop in to take a look at the different locations across the country and speak with the people working there.

Over time, he was able to get a full grasp of the brand and it’s been in the back of his mind since. He appreciated the fact that they have such specialized service, as opposed to bigger department stores where the employees only know a little about their products.

Aisles of product in a Batteries Plus store

“Everyone in the store is knowledgeable about all the products we carry. We are there to provide solutions and we all truly care about the customers,” he explained.

Another aspect Edwardo was impressed with is how detailed they are in providing superior products and service.

“I really like how we put our products to the test before we just put them out on the sales floor. This way, products are guaranteed to have high quality and workmanship,” he explained.

Batteries Plus has a 15,000-square-foot lab in Hartland, Wisconsin, where scientists test batteries to ensure they will be able to work properly in all types of environments. There are different teams that focus on unique categories, like an entire team dedicated to the quality of cell phone batteries. They work hard to ensure that every product that goes on the Batteries Plus shelves lives up to the brand’s high standards.

When Edwardo attended discovery day to learn more about becoming a franchisee, he was hooked before he’d even left the building.

Unwavering Support

Of course, there was training that had to be done before Edwardo could become a franchisee. After attending discovery day, Edwardo attended a 2-week training camp in Wisconsin, where the corporate team taught him everything there is to know about batteries, bulbs and electronics. While in training, he also got certified on how to repair devices.

Even after training finished, Edwardo appreciates that the Batteries Plus team has been a valuable resource, continuously offering support to help keep him on track.

man and woman doing ribbon cutting

“You never feel like you’re going to be thrown out in the cold without any protection. Even after training, there’s always somebody there you can turn to and ask for help,” he described.

From there, Edwardo was set to hit the ground running, and he opened his first Batteries Plus store in Yuma, AZ in February 2021.

A Recession-Resistant Concept

For Edwardo, opening a store in the midst of a pandemic wasn’t a big concern. He and his wife, who handles the store’s bookkeeping and is a daily presence in the store, were ready for whatever came their way. He also credits his strong team, three of whom started with him when his store opened.

Because Batteries Plus is the home to many essential products and has a strong e-commerce presence, it is able to withstand economic turmoil. This is especially true as technology continues to play a major role in our daily lives. Because of its recession resistance, the brand also has a heavy influence in the real estate market, which sees no signs of slowing down.

“No matter what, everybody’s going to need batteries,” Edwardo explained.

In fact, he looks forward to opening a second store in El Centro, CA toward the end of the year.

“I try not to worry about what could happen,” Edwardo said. “Look at it this way: If there’s any country in the world that can recover from anything, it’s the USA. It’s only a matter of time before things get better.”

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