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How We Stand Out
We Stand Out

Our Competitive Advantages

Even with 30 years of steady growth, we know that future success is not guaranteed. We are continually improving our products, systems, services and processes to remain a strong, growing, relevant brand with attractive franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs like you.

Success Factors

There are several factors that help Batteries Plus Bulbs stand out in the marketplace, and as a franchise opportunity:

  • Proprietary systems that help new franchisees and associates deliver expert solutions
  • Batteries Plus Bulbs has established and continue to grow a nationally-known brand
  • Franchisees enjoy multiple revenue streams
  • We sell needs-based products and services, which makes demand extremely stable
  • There are high barriers to entry for competitors

Support Systems

The Batteries Plus Bulbs leadership team has decades of experience in:

  • Retail management
  • Supply chain management
  • International product sourcing
  • Marketing
  • Product development
  • Process development
  • Business coaching
  • Franchise support

Strong and Growing Brand Recognition

Batteries Plus Bulbs has more than 700 locations and invests heavily in marketing to drive sales for each location. In 2016, we were a finalist for the Internet Retailer Excellence Awards alongside Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Target. The award recognizes brands that do the best job of using web and mobile assets to complement other selling channels such as brick-and-mortar stores.

Our marketing teams work alongside franchisees to build brand awareness in their areas. In addition to negotiating local advertising buys, creating advertising materials and maintaining media relationships on behalf of franchisees, we have built a powerful internal digital marketing team and eCommerce platform. The benefits are enormous:

  • generates sales for your store, adding revenue to your balance sheet even when your store is not open.
  • Batteries Plus Bulbs generally dominates local search results when people are looking for the products we offer. Customers discover you as they are searching for solutions, making them motivated shoppers.
  • In many cases, customers pay online and then pick up at your store. This gives you an opportunity to ask the customer how you can help, introduce them to the wealth of solutions you offer, and build a relationship. Once customers understand all the problems you can solve, you tend to keep them — and they tell their friends.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Franchise owners benefit from multiple ways to make money:

Household Summary

Resilient Consumer Demand Thanks to Needs-based Purchases

When batteries fail, people want them replaced as quickly as possible. When the lights go out, people don’t tighten their financial belts by choosing to sit in the dark. We sell needs-based products and services, and it’s one of the major reasons we’ve had 30 years of store and sales growth.

Since our first store opened in 1988, growing sales in the face of three separate recessions. Even when money is tight, customers replace batteries and light bulbs.

High Barriers to Entry for Competitors

Batteries Plus Bulbs has spent three decades investing in infrastructure, technology and professionals who work together to help franchisees deliver complex solutions. What we do, as a brand, isn’t easy, but we make it simple for you to manage.

Our Supply Chain

Batteries Plus Bulbs’ leadership team continuously studies the marketplace to spot opportunities to serve customers while producing strong margins for franchisees. Traveling the world to identify suppliers who can deliver quality, on-time products. We import and stock more than 40,000 items at our Ascent warehouse in Glendale, WI. This warehouse ensures that nearly anything a customer may need will be available within 1-2 business days.

Inventory Management

The Point of Sale systems in Batteries Plus Bulbs stores make it simple to track sales, inventory, and other business processes. Store inventory typically consists of about 1,000 items. Thanks to robust sales data and predictive analytics, you will know which items sell quickly so you can stock accordingly and provide immediate solutions for most customer needs. Other items are sold less frequently but allow you to be a hero to a customer with a specific need. You will keep one or two of these items on your shelves so you can make a big impression and win loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Top Tier Database Puts Three Decades of Expertise at Your Fingertips

Of course, when most customers come into a Batteries Plus Bulbs store, they don’t know exactly what they need. They have a problem, and they’re looking for a solution. We handle it, and that’s why customers love us. One of the core technologies we provide franchisees is a powerful database called ProSource RMS™.

ProSource is the most complete and comprehensive battery and light bulb application and cross-reference tool ever produced. ProSource is the secret weapon that helps you find the exact battery or light bulb a customer needs.

Our leadership team and engineers have provided franchisees a massive library of problems and solutions, complete with step-by-step guides for solving issues and providing “good, better, best” options to customers. ProSource RMS takes the accumulated wisdom of our entire system and puts it at the fingertips of franchisees and their employees. If you encounter challenges, our call center team is available to help answer questions.

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