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Curious About Starting a Battery Store Business? We’ve Got the Facts

Batteries Plus has more than 30 years of experience in the franchise space, and we’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons in those three decades. We are proud that our comprehensive system helps our franchisees build their business from the ground up, selling a range of products and services to a diverse customer base. If

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Open a Retail Franchise to Live the Life You Want

Many people are evaluating their careers and looking for paths that better fit their priorities and ambitions. Over the past year, there has been a surge in career changes, as many working professionals not only change jobs but enter new industries and start a business for themselves. Batteries Plus offers a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs

Our Proven Batteries Plus Franchise Business Model Drives Success

Owning and operating a franchise has proven to be a profitable business method for entrepreneurs across a myriad of industries and vertical markets. However, finding the right corporate partner to launch a franchise location with can be particularly challenging, especially for those starting in the retail franchise market. Luckily, the Batteries Plus franchise business model

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How to Run a Tech Franchise: 5 “Musts” for Franchisee Success

Beginning your journey as an entrepreneur can seem intimidating no matter where you start. This daunting feeling is especially true if you are trying to figure out how to run a tech franchise. With a stable business model that has shown consistent growth for over three decades, Batteries Plus has a strong track record in ensuring

Close up on hands fixing a cell phone
Phone Repair Industry Trends to Expect in 2022

Technology is known for its ever-evolving nature, making it harder and harder for the average consumer to keep up with. As such, when encountering a problem with a new or otherwise unfamiliar piece of technology, these consumers will probably have difficulty resolving it on their own and will likely turn to a professional repair service.

Batteries Plus franchisee Rich Epps accepting an award
Considering Opening a Battery Store Franchise in 2022?

Within the last 1-2 years, many working professionals chose to launch a new business venture on their own, whether quitting their previous role or starting their new business after losing their job through spending cuts. This trend is not going unnoticed, and many potential entrepreneurs have begun deliberating on what industry they would want to

Aisles of product in a Batteries Plus store
The Holidays Mean Your Battery Store Franchise Will Be Extra Busy!

The holiday season typically creates a mass rush to buy the latest trendy products before they go out of stock or their sale ends. Not long after this push to buy, those who ended up with those products, whether they made the purchase for themselves or received it as a holiday gift, are looking for

Batteries Plus employee fixing a smartphone
How Batteries Plus Franchisees Can Benefit from Corporate Stores

Batteries Plus has 104 corporate stores in its system, and they’re utilized in numerous ways to benefit the brand as a whole. Generally, there are 3 main advantages to having corporate stores within the franchise system: They help set the foundation for other stores’ business-related decisions. They act as the genesis of where most company

How This Franchisee Is Capitalizing On The Rising Demand of Batteries

As environmental factors like the COVID-19 pandemic, global warming and city-wide power outages affect businesses throughout the U.S., Batteries Plus has a well-equipped team ready to tackle any challenge. Peter Schaumann, a multi-unit, California-based franchisee, has witnessed first-hand how many consumers and businesses rely on our products for everyday tasks and operations. As Peter explained,

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