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Batteries Plus Celebrates Our Veteran Franchise Owners

At Batteries Plus, we’re proud of our many veteran franchisees. Individuals from a diverse array of military backgrounds have gone on to become successful store owners. In light of their service, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of our veteran franchisees, share their backgrounds and talk about their experiences with Batteries Plus. This is just a small sampling of the many men and women who have used the drive and discipline that they learned in the military to help us build a bigger, better organization.

Dennis Norris

Dennis Norris served for four years in the Army as an aircraft electrician during Desert Storm. After the military, he went to work for a large computer company in Houston. It was there that he met Arthur Romero, a Batteries Plus franchise owner, when Norris began placing commercial orders with him.

Through his conversations with Romero, Norris became interested in franchising and purchased his first Batteries Plus location in College Station, Texas in 2007. Since then, he has opened three more locations in Texas, in Katy (2010), Rosenberg (2012) and Bryan (2014).

“Franchising provides a good structure, similar to how the military provides a good command structure, and you do things by the book with plenty of support,” said Norris. “There’s a structure and a manual, and if you get lost, there’s a resource to help you. Batteries Plus has figured it out and knows what works and shares best practices to help franchisees succeed.”

“Personally, I needed a franchise system to help me. I could have opened a successful batteries store, but it would have taken me years to make the mistakes Batteries Plus has already made and learned from,” said Norris. “Batteries Plus gave me the confidence and ability to say, ‘when all else fails, do it by the book.’ But as a franchisee, you still have the autonomy to go your own way and try things you think will work for you.”

Joe Cowern

After seven years in the Navy, Joe decided it was time to take the next step in his career. He had always wanted to own a business of his own where he could apply his technical knowledge. “Fixing things has always been my forte,” Joe said.

He researched franchise opportunities for several years before hitting upon Batteries Plus. Joe knew his father was also interested in owning a business, so he told Ed about the Batteries Plus franchise opportunity.

“We decided Batteries Plus was a great fit for us because of our technical backgrounds and shared entrepreneurial spirit, and my dad thought the brand would be a great investment and something he could pass down to me,” Joe said.

The father-son team opened their Batteries Plus franchise in June of 2012 in Orange, Connecticut. They recently celebrated their eight-year anniversary as co-owners.

Dan Kopp

Dan Kopp served as a Russian interpreter in the Air Force for six years, during Desert Shield / Desert Storm. He purchased his first franchise in Overland Park, Kansas in 2007. Kopp now has ownership in four total locations, the most recent of which he purchased with another Army veteran, his brother-in-law Memo.

“When I came out of the military, business ownership wasn’t on the list right away. I paid my way through college at Arizona State with the G.I. Bill, and landed a job at Sprint,” said Kopp. “Over the years, I got a few promotions and moved to Kansas City to work in engineering, which got me interested in technology. But I wanted more control and a more fun job that took advantage of my management and technical skills. The Batteries Plus franchise fit that bill.”

Andrew Dunn

After spending eight years as a Supply Officer in the U.S. Navy, Andrew Dunn moved to Virginia to help other veterans find work. When he decided he wanted to operate his own business, Batteries Plus piqued his interest.

“Batteries Plus Bulbs is not the typical brick-and-mortar retail store,” said Dunn. “With our pricing models, inventory, bulk deals and supply chain, 30% of our sales come from commercial customers. We have access to the widest selection of battery and light bulb products available—including more than 60,000 types of batteries, bulbs and accessories—and offer unmatched service to consumers, businesses and government entities at the national and local levels.”

These are just a few of the many military veterans that have gone on to become Batteries Plus owners. We have been consistently ranked as a top franchise for veterans from both Entrepreneur magazine and Military Times. If you’re interested in owning a franchise of your own, please fill out the form below. We’ll send you a copy of our Digital Investment Guide, which provides an in-depth look at our franchise experience. A member of our team will also contact you to answer your questions and help you to determine if Batteries Plus is the right fit for your future.

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