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Franchisee Face-To-Face Moving Past COVID-19

As part of our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, Batteries Plus CEO Scott Williams is visiting franchisees in order to hear their stories. His most recent visit took him to store #282 in Overland Park, Kansas where he spoke with Dan and Vicky Kopp and Memo Rodriguez about the initial challenges the pandemic posed, the advantage of being an essential business and the recent sales spike they’ve seen in batteries for motorcycles, boats and lawn & garden.

They also discuss the importance of being a multi-channel retailer and how this has helped them remain resilient when facing marketplace challenges. Plus, they provide a look at our recent Batteries Plus Smart Home product launch and how it’s enabling stores to remain on top of emerging tech trends.

Please enjoy the video below and note that you can navigate to specific topics using the timecode details provided.

00:24 – Initial reaction to /challenges posed by the pandemic

01:24 – Meeting customers’ needs/advantages of being an essential business.

02:57 – Letting customer know their store is open/making customers feel safe

04:57 – Sales surge on lawn & garden, boating and motorcycle batteries

06:24 – Working with vendors & landlords/CARES Act and stimulus relief

08:04 – Customer impact of being an essential retailer/customer response to curbside service

10:06 – How multiple retail channels benefits stores in challenging markets

12:30 – Benefits of reorganizing the store to better showcase products/services

14:49 – Performance of Smart Home product rollout

15:52 – Commercial business performance

16:35 – The Way Back/moving forward after COVID-19

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