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Got Operational Experience? 3 Reasons Why Opening a Lighting Franchise with Batteries Plus Might Make Sense

If you’ve run your own business before, why not use those skills to open a lighting franchise with Batteries Plus? While operational experience isn’t a requirement to start a new franchise, it can certainly make your job easier, especially as you’re establishing your business. Here, review some of the best reasons to leverage your experience by opening a Batteries Plus franchise of your own.

#1. It’s Easier to Go Big with Multiple Lighting Franchises

If you’ve already run a business before, you’ll likely find that operating a Batteries Plus lighting franchise is simple. In fact, you might even find that opening two or more stores is well within your wheelhouse. Many franchisees opt to manage one store themselves while delegating day-to-day tasks at other stores to a trusted team.

Batteries Plus supports franchisees, providing them with numerous proprietary operational systems designed to simplify the management of multiple locations. You can look forward to the following:

  • A dedicated warehouse fully stocked with Batteries Plus products, making it easier to order what you need and place special orders for customers.
  • Marketing assistance to help you find new local customers.
  • A quality assurance team that ensures you’re selling the best in-demand products.

#2. A Time-Tested System

If you’ve already run a business, you know that the devil is in the details. Ironing out seamless operational systems, and ensuring that everyone follows them, is the key to running smoothly and maximizing your bottom line.
One of the best reasons to choose Batteries Plus is that we’ve spent decades establishing operational procedures that are straightforward and have been proven to work. You’ll receive training on exactly how to run your business and make the most of resources like our Retail Management System so you can spend more time focused on growth and less time getting bogged down in the details.

#3. You Know What It Takes to Run a Strong Business

You already know that running a strong business takes dedication. Mastering different skills like organization, customer service, and product knowledge can go a long way towards helping build a customer base. If you’ve done this before, you’ll find that it’s simple to learn the ropes with Batteries Plus. With prior operations experience, you understand the value of going the extra mile, so you’ll likely learn the ropes faster and see even more substantial returns with your lighting franchise.

What are you waiting for? Contact Batteries Plus today to learn more about what goes into opening a lighting franchise.

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