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How A Community-Driven Approach Has Helped Batteries Plus Franchisees Thrive

Batteries Plus was the first brand to identify the growing need for battery replacement and specialty bulbs in an age of ever-changing technology. Since opening the company to franchising in 1992, we have expanded to include more than 720 locations across the U.S. During that time, we have also evolved our selection of products and services several times to include tablet and cell phone repair services key cutting and key fob replacement  and, most recently, smart home products  and personal protective gear . Batteries Plus’ exceptional customer service, proprietary product line and commercial business have allowed franchisees to thrive despite competition from online retailers like Amazon.

A Local, Community-Driven Approach to Customer Service

As a Batteries Plus owner, you will serve a vital role in your community, by helping to serve your customers’ immediate needs. Cell phones, batteries and light bulbs are essential to customers’ lives. When their phone stops working or their laptop battery dies, customers often don’t have the luxury of waiting multiple days for a replacement. Our fast, immediate service allows us to serve customers that online retailers can’t, by providing them with immediate solutions to their power and lighting problems.

Since our franchisees are active within the communities they serve and are directly involved in their day-to-day needs, they have access to consumer data and can anticipate what their customers will need and when they will need it. The brand’s stores also keep extended hours and are open on weekends, which greatly helps with emergencies that require immediate attention.

When dealing with technology, customers often have questions. Our stores are staffed by a team of experts trained in the latest industry trends and devices. This expertise sets Batteries Plus apart from the anonymous experience consumers get from an online retailer, where it is often impossible to ask questions about what they are buying.

“We’ve all gone to an Apple store and had to wait for hours and hours for help,” said Batteries Plus Chief Strategy Officer Jon Sica. “To be able to visit your local Batteries Plus, find what you need and have it installed without an appointment? Or to come in with a broken phone and have your screen repaired in a matter of minutes? That sets us apart in the space.”

Industry-Leading Selection of Products

“Our products offer premium performance and unbeatable quality along with fantastic warranties,” said Sica. “That really helps us Amazon-proof our business  and insulate us from the competition in the market because consumers can’t go anywhere else and find the same caliber and variety of products.”

Batteries Plus has thousands of power and lighting products to fulfill our customers’ needs, along with multiple ways to shop. In addition, to brick-and-mortar transactions, customers can shop our enormous selection of products online. The company’s website links directly to your store’s inventory to let customers know which items are available for immediate pickup. If something is not available at your store, we will ship the item from our warehouse directly to your location, with the revenue for these online transactions credited to your store.

Another way in which we help compete with other retailers is through our selection of industry-leading proprietary products.

“We provide our customers with exclusive access to private brand products like X2Power and Duracell Ultra ,” Sica said. “This really helps us in the age of e-commerce and insulates us from the competition out there in the market, because people can’t find our products anywhere else.”

Commercial and Retail Sales

In addition to retail sales, you’ll have the ability to build your business even further by selling batteries, bulbs, keys and device repair service to commercial clients. Virtually every industry you can think of relies on the types of products and services we offer, including health care manufacturing municipalities  and more. Commercial accounts provide franchisees with access to multiple revenue streams, as well as lucrative, long-term commercial partnerships.

By being a leading commercial provider as well as a community-based retailer, Batteries Plus is able to achieve the kind of volumes that translate to impressive discounts from distributors.

“With our pricing models, inventory, bulk deals and supply chain, we’re able to service many commercial customers,” said Sica. “In fact, commercial sales are a third of our business and we’re looking to grow that amount even more.”

We even have our own National Accounts team which negotiates contracts with businesses throughout the country. This not only provides income, but it also helps franchisees as they search for commercial clients within their community. From your first day, you will have the credibility of being a vendor of choice for several national brands.

Batteries Plus’ loyal customer base, multiple revenue streams and Amazon-proof model continue to position franchisees for exceptional success in 2020 and beyond. Interested in owning a Batteries Plus franchise of your own? Just fill out the form below. We’ll send you a copy of our Digital Investment Guide, which will help explain everything you need to know. Plus, a member of our team will contact you to answer any questions you might have.

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