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Take Control Of Your Future By Investing In Batteries Plus

The new year is a time to reflect and set goals for yourself. If one of those goals is to own your own business, now is the best time to take action. Instead of investing long hours in someone else’s business, why not put that effort into something of your own?

By investing in a Batteries Plus franchise, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of owning a business without having to go it alone. Our franchise system was built over the past 30 years to provide you with the support, products and services you need to become a proud business owner.

Comprehensive, Ongoing Support

Franchisees experience a much higher chance of success than business owners that strike out
on their own. That’s due largely to the training and support franchises offer. Support is key to the Batteries Plus experience. From day one, you’ll be given access to a comprehensive network of contacts and resources designed to help set you up for success.

Your journey begins with the search for your ideal location. Our experts will help you find the optimal site for your store. Plus, we’ll be there to walk you through everything from lease negotiations to setting up displays, signage and computer systems for your opening day.

This support doesn’t end when you open your store. We’ll always be here to help answer questions, offer advice and advise you on new products. Additional support includes national and regional advertising campaigns, centralized call centers for customer care, product support and POS system services, along with IT experts and a network of fellow franchisees to help provide advice and moral support. Some day when it’s time to retire, we’re here to provide exit strategy guidance and support to ensure you profit from what you’ve built.

Multiple Revenue Streams in Multi-Billion Dollar Industries

As a Batteries Plus owner, you’ll also have the selling power that comes from a known brand  with over 720 locations throughout the U.S. That means multiple ways to make money, including retail sales, and eCommerce revenue. Plus, you’ll receive customer lead generation to help you build up the commercial side of your business through B2B accounts with local and national businesses.

Batteries Plus has always carried needs-based items and the importance of those items has never been as clear as they were throughout 2020, as we were designated an essential business. This allowed us to provide our customers with vital products and services at a time when other retail options were largely unavailable.

The products and services you’ll provide span a wide range of multi-billion dollar markets, including thousands of batteries and light bulbs for an enormous array of applications, cell phone repair, key fob replacement and smart home technology. We even have our own in-house distribution center to help lower your overhead costs through group purchasing.

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