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5 Important Facts About the Device Repair Industry

According to recent research, 85% of Americans own a smartphone. Additionally, about 75% own a laptop or desktop computer, while nearly half own a tablet. For many, these devices have become a lifeline — even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Millions of Americans are working from home, connecting with friends and family through social media and shopping with their smartphones and tablets. The mobile technology sector shows no signs of slowing down.

Batteries Plus specializes in making sure customers get the most use out of their electronics. When something goes wrong, Batteries Plus franchisees and their team members strive to make it right.

1. The Device Repair Industry Is Extremely Reliable

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that there are specific business sectors that are resilient to economic turmoil. The device repair industry is one that has prevailed, even through the height of the COVID-19 crisis.

Between the increasing use of smartphones and constant technological development, the device repair industry is expected to continue to grow throughout the next few years. Even in quarantine as millions of Americans rarely left their homes, there was a significant need for device repair services- especially for cracked screens.

Between this stability and a recognizable and trustworthy brand name like Batteries Plus, repair services are on track to continue to grow exponentially throughout the next few years.

2. Accidents Happen

In 2019, research revealed that one in three out of 2,000 Americans surveyed in a study had a crack in their phone’s screen. The survey also revealed that the average person drops their phone four times a week, again emphasizing the need for repair services. 

Most of these accidents occur simply from consumers dropping their phone on the ground, phones falling out of pockets, or being dropped in water.

The same study also found that over half of Americans admitted they are “always” worried about the safety of their phone. Many consumers have even purchased products, like the immensely popular PopSockets, to prevent them from dropping their phone.

These device-dropping incidents happen so often that it actually gives people “phone-xiety,” the fear that something will happen to their device.

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3. Device Repair Takes Serious Skill and Support

It’s not easy to learn the ins and outs of the large variety of devices in the market these days. Batteries Plus provides thorough training to all team members, including franchise owners. Batteries Plus franchisees and their team members learn how to disassemble devices, repair them and ensure they are well maintained.

Batteries Plus corporate team members are happy to support franchisees starting with the store opening and throughout its growth process. From on-site training to open communication, Batteries Plus is always here to answer any questions that arise.

The Batteries Plus integrated POS system also ensures that operations run as smoothly as possible, allowing hundreds of Batteries Plus locations to provide personalized and excellent service to their customers.

4. Genuine Parts Matter

When it comes to devices, customers should never sacrifice quality. Genuine device parts directly from its original manufacturer not only help devices last longer, but they also help them work better. These high-quality parts are guaranteed to work seamlessly with the phone and can help increase the resale value when it does come time to part with a device.

It is vital to ensure that customers get their repairs done with a reputable company to ensure their phone is returned to a like-new state. This way, the repaired phone will not only last longer, but the repair will also replenish its value.

Batteries Plus has recently become the first retail partner in Samsung’s Independent Service Provider program. This partnership will provide Samsung users access to receive best-in-class smartphone repair services through WISE™ certified technicians, and will provide our team members with Samsung specific- device repair training.

5. Device Repair Franchises Have An Impressive Outlook

As device manufacturers continue to release new products and people all over the nation get back to the “new normal,” device repair will continue to be in demand. Overall, the repair and maintenance market is expected to grow by nearly $8.5 billion over 2021, a steady 6.8% higher growth rate than last year. The market is expected to reach $22.17 billion in 2025.

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