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Batteries Plus storefront door
Why Stability Is Anything But Boring For Batteries Plus Franchisees

Stability may not be the driving force that gets you into business, but it is certainly what will keep you in business. The adrenaline and excitement of being a first-time franchisee, starting a business, learning the ins and outs and being involved in the day-to-day operations is the fuel you need to get your investment

A Batteries Plus franchisee, Ingrid Brummett, standing in front of a storefront.
Ingrid Brummett Shares Shares Her Experiences As A Batteries Plus Owner

In honor of International Women’s Month, we’re highlighting one of our many female franchisees. Ingrid Brummett has been with the company since 2008 and currently owns two stores located in Port Charlotte and Venice, Florida. From Family Business to Full-Time Ownership Like many franchisees, Ingrid originally began her path in a different career entirely. She

Two franchisees, Javier and Alejandro, are standing in front of a Batteries Plus store.
How Shopping For A Watch Battery Led To Multi-Unit Expansion Plans

Javier and his twin brother Alejandro always knew they weren’t going to work for anyone else. Looking for something they could do together, they opened a Jani-King in Savannah, Georgia, at 25 years old and were recognized as franchise of the year. While living in Savannah, Georgia, Javier Barquero often passed a Batteries Plus but

Aisle of batteries in a Batteries Plus store
Why Essential Businesses Like Batteries Plus Are The Future Of Franchising

COVID-19 has radically redefined franchise investment in America, with many franchises and even entire industries suffering from the pandemic’s economic impact. As the country slowly emerges from this crisis, the future of franchising is beginning to take shape, with investors prioritizing essential businesses like never before. Batteries Plus is poised to capitalize on the next phase

Husband and wife franchisees Brenda and Rick Phipps, standing in front of a Batteries Plus store.
Husband-And-Wife Duo Achieve Their Dream Lifestyle As Batteries Plus Franchisees

Batteries Plus franchisees Brenda and Rick Phipps are well-acquainted with the world of franchising. With over 30 years of combined experience as franchise owners, the pair has become an example of hard work and dedication within the Batteries Plus franchise system. Prior to becoming a Batteries Plus franchisee in 2006, Rick was the owner of

Batteries Plus franchisee holding a pen pointing at a screen
A Look Back At 2020, What’s Ahead For Batteries Plus In 2021

During a year that brought significant disruption and uncertainty to business owners across multiple industries, Batteries Plus remained a reliably stable business opportunity for a growing list of entrepreneurs. In the past year alone, Batteries Plus signed 20 franchise agreements which will add 30 new locations to the system’s 700+ network of specialty retail stores. The Batteries

A woman staring off camera
Take Control Of Your Future By Investing In Batteries Plus

The new year is a time to reflect and set goals for yourself. If one of those goals is to own your own business, now is the best time to take action. Instead of investing long hours in someone else’s business, why not put that effort into something of your own? By investing in a

Desk with laptop, notebook, and woman using a calculator
How Much Does It Cost To Open A Batteries Plus Franchise?

As you consider opening one or more Batteries Plus franchises, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is the potential investment costs. The expenses range from the franchise fee to initial inventory to real estate, among others. The Batteries Plus franchise model is powered by multiple industry verticals that combine to generate

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