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Welcome to our blog! Here, you’ll find current events, announcements for things like new franchise openings, and deep dives into special topics, and frequently asked questions. If you’re considering opening a franchise with Batteries Plus, this is a great resource to keep your eye on. As always, be sure to contact us when you’d like more information on what you’ve read here.

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Why Choose Batteries Plus as Your Small Business Opportunity?

Why Choose Our Battery Store Business Opportunity as Your Small Business? There Are Plenty of Great Reasons! Small businesses are the single most significant driver of the American economy, and plenty of people dream of starting their own every year — with many of them doing so! Going into business for yourself is an exciting

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3 Great Ways to Market Your Batteries Plus Store

Three Ways to Enjoy Successful Retail Franchise Marketing of Your Batteries Plus Store When you become part of the Batteries Plus family of franchisees, you can count on our training and support to help you grow your business, including our in-house marketing efforts on your behalf. Still, in many ways, it’ll be up to you to

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What Are Some Common Franchise Terms and Their Meanings?

Opening a Retail Franchise: What Are Some Common Franchise Terms? Opening a retail franchise with Batteries Plus is a great way to become your own boss while becoming part of a trusted and established brand that has decades of industry experience. But as you learn more about the world of franchising, you might be confused

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What Is an FDD and Why Is It Important?

How to Open a Retail Franchise: Our FDD and Its Importance Opening a small business is an exciting process and can be a great way to make your living. Every year, thousands of people become their own boss, but did you know that one of the best ways to do so is through a franchise

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Meet the Franchisee Who Went from Top-Performing Manager to Owner

Tim Youtzy began working at Batteries Plus as a store manager in Minnesota back in 2004. Eager to advance his career and learn more about technology along the way, he aimed high and performed incredibly well. As time went on, he knew it was time for something bigger and better. Today, he owns his very

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Batteries Plus Franchise: What Makes Us a Fast-Growing Opportunity?

If you think you’d like to open a battery store franchise, a Batteries Plus franchise opportunity is the very best and one of the fastest-growing available. We’ve been in the industry for decades and in that time have grown to include multiple revenue streams that let you weather economic shifts and provide more to your

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