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Franchisee reviews
Franchise Reviews

Owners Share Their Insights Into the Batteries Plus Bulbs Opportunity and Culture

“The thing that most people don’t realize is how many different batteries are used every day by every industry in the country. Anything with a memory has a battery, at least a backup battery. We’re able to sell to numerous security companies, hospitals, schools, hotels, motels… Every company uses batteries, so it’s an amazing market out there. … I’d say I’ve exceeded all expectations as far as financial and personal satisfaction with this model. Man, it’s been a real good ride.”

— Bates Kennedy, owns 12 locations

“The thing about commercial battery customers is they tend not to have a lot of turnover, not a lot of churn, meaning I still have customers I’ve been servicing for 15 years. That’s not true of a lot of other industries, but once you get a good battery supplier, you stick with them, because batteries are usually running a critical component of a plant, factory, retirement community, school, whatever it is. Batteries are always running something critical. You want to have a good battery supplier so when you have a problem, you can get taken care of quickly.”

— Dustin Myers, owns four locations

“A good friend of mine, a finance guy, asked me why I would want to be part of a franchise. ‘Why are you gonna do that? Just go call a couple battery companies and set up an account and start selling batteries.’ And he was serious. But when you’re in this business and you see the complexity of the supplier relationships, how things are done and the whole distribution channel — I’m telling you, nobody has a distribution channel like we have, and the support. You couldn’t do it on your own. This evolved over 30 some years into what it is, and every year it just gets stronger and better.”

— David Harshfield, owns two locations

“When I went to headquarters and saw their operations, met some of the people, took a deeper dive and learned more about who is the type of person that is a good fit for this, I was extremely impressed. One of the things that I did, before even doing that, was shopping at 10 different stores in the state just to see how different franchise owners operated their stores. As I was evaluating the brand, there wasn’t a lot of pomp and circumstance — it was a lot of facts and good information.”

— Erik Granroth, opened his first Batteries Plus Bulbs location in 2018

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