How much can you make? It’s up to you, but the sky’s the limit.


The average revenue for the top quarter of our stores.


The average merchandise margin for these stores.

*Net revenue average of $1,359,229 and average merchandise margin is based on the net sales average for the 156 stores that represent the top 25% of all 627 stores open during the entire 2019 calendar year. See Item 19 of our 2020 FDD for further details.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Franchisees can pursue a variety of revenue streams: Retail, business accounts, national accounts and eCommerce. Plus, in addition to batteries and bulbs, you’ll do business in key fob programming & replacement, device repair and more.

$32 Billion Annually


$22 Billion Annually


$3.9 Billion Annually


$2.0 Billion Annually


$25.3 Million Annually


$59.93 Billion

Combined Annual Industry Value

Source: Internal Market Study

Evolving Product Lines to Capture New Business

How does Batteries Plus stay relevant? By constantly evaluating our products and services and identifying ways we can grow. Over the past 30 years, we have added light bulbs, cell phone repair, key cutting and key fob programming to our enormous supply of batteries.

Smart Home Innovation

Our most recent innovation was the launch of Smart Home products. Smart Home opens up a whole new market within our stores, one that is expected to grow to an impressive $192 billion by 2023. It also brings an entirely new set of shoppers into our stores, one that skews significantly younger. Best of all, the products are incredibly affordable, allowing consumers to try out Smart Home and add additional components over time.

Using Technology to Drive Business

Batteries Plus is a high technology business that happens to sell batteries. Our franchisees are supported by the best in retail technology, including our proprietary product database ProSource. ProSource puts 30+ years of engineering solutions at your fingertips, providing real data, details and cross-selling suggestions to help provide your customers with exactly what they’re looking for.

OVER 30,000


OVER 500,000


Over 170


There is market demand for our products and services, and you will be able to provide the expertise to fulfill that need.

Creating Commercial Opportunity

Locating your store in a business rich area will create more opportunity to reach beyond the four walls of your store. Getting out into your community will increase your ability of rapid growth. You will continuously be connected to resources to build on your knowledge base as our training never ends.