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Batteries Plus has spent decades building a reputation as the go-to source for batteries, bulbs, smartphone repair, and much more – products and services that individuals and businesses need. Our exceptionally stable business model has been steadily growing for over 30 years, and now is a great time to join our team. Our franchise opportunity is a great way to invest in your existing portfolio or go into business for yourself.

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Batteries Plus is a leading force in the many industries we serve. We provide our customers with multiple lines of service, keeping all of their devices running smoothly with components and repairs that are hard to find elsewhere.

Duracell Ultra battery
Broken screen glass of a smartphone

$652 Billion

Combined Annual
Industry Value

Lightbulb showcase

A Battery Store Franchise: Batteries Plus customers will find batteries to power all of their needs, including laptops, video games, key fobs, a wide range of vehicles, and much more. Commercial customers can access all of the batteries they need to stay powered up and running smoothly. Plus, in addition to a wide selection of batteries, retail and B2B customers alike will find the appropriate chargers for everything from a boat battery to a laptop or phone.

A Smartphone Repair Franchise: Many smartphone repair businesses are limited in what they can do, and generally stick to broken screens. Batteries Plus franchises can repair cameras and buttons, replace batteries, and much more. People need their phones to stay connected – our speedy services are crucial for all of our customers.

A Lighting Franchise: Homes, workplaces, and vehicles alike all require specialty bulbs. Batteries Plus offers a notably wide selection, and the expertise to keep customers for life.

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Locations and Growing
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Average Unit Volume*

*Based upon top 50% of Locations

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Total Industry Value

*$1,118,756 is the average net revenue based on net sales information of 299 Batteries Plus® stores in the top 50% of the 598 Batteries Plus® stores in operation during the entire 2020 calendar year. Of the 299 stores, 100 stores (33%) met or exceed the average net revenue.  The average net revenue of the 299 Batteries Plus® stores in the bottom 50% of the 598 Batteries Plus® stores in operation during the entire 2020 calendar year was $530,013.  Of those 299 stores, 159 (53%) met or exceeded the average net revenue. The 52.4% average merchandise margin is based on the average merchandise margin for all 598 Batteries Plus® stores in operation during the entire 2020 calendar year.  There is no assurance, however, that you will do as well.  See Item 19 of our 2021 FDD for further details.

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  • Many of our franchisees are seasoned entrepreneurs also love partnering with Batteries Plus.

  • Still, others come from corporate professions.

  • Backgrounds in the military or as first responders.

  • Our is an ideal opportunity for anyone who is looking for more career freedom.

  • Being a techie isn’t required, but techies can have a lot of fun building a battery store franchise of their own.

  • We can help you build your own business with a popular technology franchise.

6 Reasons to Franchise with Us

Why Batteries Plus?

Low Barrier to Entry

Our turnkey business model gets your franchise investment started on the right track.

Franchisees from Every Background

There’s no need to be a technology whiz to partner with Batteries Plus.

A Strong Team Behind You

Batteries Plus is invested in helping each of our franchisees grow thriving and stable businesses.

A Lucrative Opportunity

Our franchises offer in-demand products and have the potential to earn strong revenue.

Opportunities for Growth

Ask us about opportunities to grow your business within the Batteries Plus system.

Get in Touch with Your Questions

We’re always happy to share more information about this exciting franchise opportunity.

Expand Your Portfolio
And Revenue

There’s no doubt that the technology industry is growing. If you’re an investor looking to diversify, this is an advantageous space to expand into. Our products and services are in high demand, and our time-tested business model is simple to implement.

Batteries Plus employees

- Available Markets

Grow With Us
Let’s Talk Possibilities

There is franchise availability in all 50 states and in Puerto Rico, so there’s plenty of opportunity for you to establish your own store (or stores!), and to grow right along with us. Ideal territories require a population of at least 75,000, and enough business density to support commercial account sales.

We Will Help You
Every Step of the Way

Steps to Ownership

Batteries Plus works with franchisees from all walks of life, from families looking to start businesses of their own to veterans and first responders looking to earn some extra money as they approach retirement. Contact us to learn what we look for in our franchisees. Once you’ve invested in Batteries Plus, you can count on us to walk you through the process:

01. Learning About the Brand

You’ll receive comprehensive information and connect with real franchisees. Learn about the high demand for batteries, bulbs, and smartphone repair.

04. Develop Your Location

Batteries Plus works with you to find the perfect location, build it out, stock it, market it, and much more.

02. Discovery Day

Get to know our leadership team and company culture.

05. Training School

You’ll learn the systems and processes needed to keep your business running smoothly.

03. Become a Franchisee

Signing your franchise agreement means we can start building your business.

06. Grand Opening

You’ll open your doors to your community, and we’ll continue supporting you throughout the life of your business.

Franchisee Testimonials

Be Your Own Boss

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We estimate that the initial investment will run from $199,025 to $361,200. While we don’t offer financing, we can help our franchisees connect with SBA lenders and other relevant contacts.

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The initial franchise fee is $39K, which is included in your initial investment. There are discounts on the franchise fee to qualified veterans and first responders, as well as multi-unit investors.

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Batteries Plus is currently looking to open new locations in all 50 states. We’re especially interested in opening locations in states including California, Pennsylvania, New York.

You don’t need any specialized experience to open a Batteries Plus. If you’re dedicated to mastering our system and ready to make the investment, there’s a good chance you’re qualified to join our team.

Our franchisees can look forward to receiving comprehensive support throughout the life of their business. Not only does our team continually look for ways to simplify operations, but we also invest in research and development to ensure our franchisees are offering the products and services their community needs. Ongoing training via business coaching and our online system gives you valuable tools to keep your business running smoothly.

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