Shenzhen QA team

Batteries Plus Bulbs franchisees sell batteries and light bulbs to both retail and commercial business customers. But how do you know whether the merchandise you’re receiving is trustworthy? That’s where the company’s Quality Assurance opens in new window team steps in. Director Jason Fladhammer oversees the QA team. According to Jason, the QA team works to “continuously monitor and improve the quality and safety of our products in the field.” This important work enables you to sell with confidence, knowing that your customers are receiving nothing but the best products.

Shenzhen Facilities

The company maintains a QA lab in Shenzhen, China to oversee the initial steps of our quality assurance process. They begin by creating a Quality Acceptance Plan (QAP) for each individual product and use this as a quality standard against which all future shipments of that item will be judged. Jason explained that before shipments will be accepted “products must meet [these] quality acceptance standards.”

Our Chinese team also vets all products suppliers by performing vendor factory audits. These audits allow members of the team to perform an extensive evaluation of a supplier’s qualifications, investigating everything from their quality systems to their manufacturing capabilities, social accountability standards and more. This ensures that the suppliers we purchase from are both trustworthy and reliable.

The team also performs crucial checks on all product shipments prior to delivery, making sure that the Quality Acceptance Plans for each product have been met prior to shipping them overseas.

The Testing Facility

In addition to our facilities in Shenzhen, China, we maintain a second QA team, headquartered in Hartland, Wisconsin. This team performs its own in-house quality testing, putting batteries and light bulbs through rigid industry standard tests designed to gauge each product’s standards of performance, safety and reliability.

These tests involve every aspect of a battery’s performance, including important safety checks like gauging a battery’s response to extreme temperatures or overcharging. Likewise, photometric tests are performed on light bulbs, verifying everything from its current to voltage, color temperature and more.

As you can see, we invest a great deal of time and effort into our Quality Assurance standards. Our testing facilities give you the confidence to stand behind the products you’re selling, knowing that your customers are receiving nothing but the best.

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