Starting a new business is a serious undertaking. From acquiring product knowledge, to managing inventory, new franchise owners face a variety of challenges as they learn the ins and outs of the industry. In response to this, a number of couples have chosen to pool their talents, operating their Batteries Plus Bulbs stores as dual owners.

Jeff and Luci Orr

Jeff and Luci Orr have been franchise owners since July of 2017. They operate a store out of Washington, PA and spoke about their experiences working together.

“It has been a continuation of our current relationship,” Jeff said, “We have a lot of experience with other businesses and we have four kids together. We have always split the responsibilities.” One of the obvious advantages of dual ownership is the ability to leverage each individual’s unique talents.

“We both have strengths and weaknesses,” Jeff said, “Together, as a team, is the only way we have been able to grow this business.”

Todd and Amy Olsen

Todd Olsen and his wife Amy joined the company in 2007 and own two stores together in the state of Iowa.

In speaking about the advantages of working together, Amy highlighted the advantages of having a business partner opens in new window you can rely on. “In starting a new business, you are a little overwhelmed at times and it helps that you can rely on a person that you can trust to be by your side.”

She was also quick to add that, “It has been good to bounce ideas off of each other when making decisions.”

Division of Labor

When asked how he maintains a good business relationship with his wife, Jeff highlighted the importance of having a strong plan.

“Make sure you have very clear, defined roles.”

His wife Luci explained their division of labor as, “We both work on the floor part time. Jeff does the commercial sales, weekly ordering and general management,” while Luci herself handles, “back-of-house accounting, receiving, heading up device repair and general management.”

Todd shares a similar dynamic with his wife. “I handle the day-to-day operations and Amy assists behind the scenes.”

In offering advice to potential dual owners, Amy stressed, “Just make sure you leave enough time for your own personal time.”

She and her husband accomplish this by creating a clear cut-off point to the workday.

“There is a time during the day where I am done with work,” Todd said, “This time varies. Once I reach that time, work is over for me. We normally don’t discuss work after a typical work day would end unless someone has a question.”

Batteries Plus Bulbs offers a fantastic opportunity for couples looking to manage their own business. If you’d like to learn more about owning a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise, download our franchise report for detailed information. We’ll be more than happy to talk with you and answer all of your questions.


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