Franchise ownership is one of the cornerstones of Batteries Plus Bulbs. Over the years, it has helped the company to expand from a single location in the heart of the Midwest to over 700 locations nationwide. A lot of that success rests on the shoulders of franchise owners such as Bob Allan and Mary Pelach, two long-term owners that have helped to grow the brand in new and exciting ways.

Bob Allan has been with the company for an impressive 19 years and owns 5 stores in the state of Virginia. When asked about his proudest achievements, he listed a number of remarkable milestones including, “Serving 6 years on the FAC (Franchise Advisory Council),” as well as, “opening our own warehouse,” and, “developing a commercial sales team.”

He also cited the unique relationship his business has forged with members of the armed forces community. “We have hired retired military personnel as well as donated batteries to deploying sailors when their funds ran short.”

Mary Pelach, a franchise owner for 25 years who owns a total of 4 stores located throughout Nebraska and South Dakota spoke about the pride she takes in developing employees.

“We’ve had the privilege of watching our employees get married, start families, build homes in the community and grow into not only trusted, faithful employees, but they have become part of our family and have stepped up to the plate for Team Pelach when needed.”

She also points to her team’s support of various charitable organizations such as “The Banquet,” “The Humane Society,” “Open Mission,” “McCrossan Boys Ranch,” and “Optimists” as among her favorite achievements.

The First Step

When asked about what led them to invest in the first place, Mary stressed that one of the keys to her success lies in the company’s willingness to evolve, offering new products and services like key fob programming, phone and tablet repair and smart home innovation in order to remain competitive.

“We’ve grown from a ‘battery business’ to a ‘battery+bulbs+[phone and tablet] repair business’ during our 25-year tenure.”

Bob Allan initially invested because he, “saw the value in multiple locations for volume buying, brand building, as well as staff growth opportunities.”

Corporate Support

In addition to this, Mary was quick to cite the extensive corporate support franchise owners receive as fundamental in growing her business.

“Batteries Plus Bulbs leadership has also provided an ever-expanding support base with establishing a Training Department, Media Planning Department, the Ascent Warehouse/Supply Chain and Omni-Channel Platform. I haven’t heard of too many other franchises that have the ability to provide the products and platforms we (as a system) need to continue to grow our business.”

“We are all in this boat together,” Bob added, “if we do well, corporate does well. We are all connected.”

For those interested in purchasing a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise, Mary offered the following insight into the process.

“We spent an entire day learning about the Batteries Plus Bulbs concept, met everyone working in the corporate office and then had dinner with [original founder and CEO] Ron Rezetko that evening. We were treated with respect and told to take our time in making our decision.”

We’re proud of all that Bob and Mary have accomplished and look forward to their continued success.

In summing up all that she has accomplished, Mary highlighted another benefit of business ownership, the privilege of passing the business on to her son.

“Our son, Chris Pelach, is our general manager in Omaha. He will take over the operation when I retire. Making Batteries Plus Bulbs a family business opens in new window is perhaps the greatest accomplishment of all.”

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