After nearly 30 years and 720+ locations, we know how to help our partners open a store! Historically, we’ve found that these three elements will yield the best results.

Location, Location, Location

Location is the foundation of a small business’s success. From visibility to accessibility, ensuring that you choose the right location opens in new window will be critical to starting out strong. Ed and Joe Cowern, Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise owners, opened their store in June of 2012 in Orange, Connecticut. They attribute much of their success to opening their store near big-box retailers such as Best Buy and Home Depot, which are located on one of the busiest roads in their community. The Batteries Plus Bulbs Real Estate Support Team helped them to find this location.

Marketing & Advertising

Partnering with Batteries Plus Bulbs brings a new owner a fully-functioning in-house agency to their fingertips. From research and knowledge of the “Batteries Plus” customer to media tactics that bring brand awareness and drive foot traffic to your stores, they’ve got you covered. The team will not only advise new owners; they’ll also place the media for you. You don’t have to be a marketing or media wiz to be successful when you partner with Batteries Plus Bulbs.

Networking & Word of Mouth

It’s all about who you know, right? Tapping into personal contacts, letting them know about your new endeavor and asking that they share your excitement by spreading the word is a perfect way to grow your business. When customers visit your location, be sure to give them noteworthy service – they’ll tell everyone they know!

A Comprehensive Support System

It’s been a lot of work, but there are comprehensive training programs, many sales and marketing tools, a top notch support staff, and proven processes in place to help you be successful. It feels great and now we’re living the American Dream.

Eros Corpus, Batteries Plus Bulbs Franchise Owner

The team at Batteries Plus Bulbs provides the tools, training and support resources you need to get started. Our comprehensive approach and team of professionals in real estate, field operations, IT, Human Resources, Training and Marketing are ready to help you live your dreams. To learn more, fill out the form below or call 866-855-8577.


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