Family owned and operated businesses opens in new window are pillars in each of our communities that command attention and respect. They are businesses run on an important set of shared values. They are propelled forward by strong family dynamics and an understanding of shared responsibilities, accountability, and prosperity. At some point, we’ve all dreamed of owning our own business, maybe even a family operated one; but it takes a unique mixture of adventurous spirit, intuition, and business acumen to pursue this dream. All attributes that are demonstrated by the Perez family, who prove that working together as a family can pave the road to success.

Getting Started

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew ripped through Southern Florida with wind speeds as high as 165 mph, leaving thousands of destroyed homes in its wake. One of these houses belonged to Jose and Regina Perez. Unknown at the time, this would become the catalyst to finding success with a family run business. Jose and Regina packed up and moved to Portland, Oregon. After their move, Jose discovered the batteries in his camcorder, cellular phone, and cordless telephone had all died. As he struggled to find replacements for each, he stumbled across an ad for Batteries Plus. It read, “Thousands of Batteries for Thousands of Items.” He was at the time seeking a new business venture and instinctively recognized the potential for growth within the power industry. In 1994 Jose and Regina, along with sons Tony and Miguel, opened their first Batteries Plus store.

Booming Growth and Expansion

Since opening the doors to their first location, the Perez family have leveraged their values of hard work, determination, and initiative to experience booming growth and expansion. They opened thirteen additional stores, twelve in Oregon and one in Washington. More family members joined in to help operate the stores, including their daughter Lara, and son-in-law Abe. Collectively, the family enjoys multi-million dollar revenue and are excited to provide new job opportunities within their communities.

Acknowledging the Past & Looking Forward

The strength of the Perez family was unfortunately tested last year with the passing of their business leader, father, husband, and friend, Jose. Although some responsibilities shifted; the family continues to find success within the business opportunity Jose sought out, now Batteries Plus Bulbs.

There are so many different aspects of our business that needs attention, and it has been invaluable to have partners that I have trusted my whole life to bounce ideas off of, make good decisions, and work hard…I think what we are most proud of is the jobs we have created for great people. I love seeing employees pass their 20 year, 15 year, 10 year milestone with us.

Miguel Perez

Create Your Own Family Success Story

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