It’s another new year, and for many, that includes new resolutions and a commitment to improving their life. If you find yourself dissatisfied with reporting to someone else, a ceiling on the amount of money you can make, or a lack of freedom in the day-to-day grind – reinventing your career by owning your own business may be the right move for you!

And you’d hardly be alone. An August 2017 economic forecast from the International Franchise Association (IFA) predicted that the franchise sector would increase the number of establishments by 1.6%, to 745,000 locations, and the “dollars output” of franchise businesses to increase 5.3%, to $711B.

Here’s why you should take charge of your future by becoming a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise owner:

  •  Joining a network of owners in a proven system. Our 700+ franchise locations are owned and operated by people just like you, also driven to work for themselves and build a store that’s part of a bigger community and a 30 years-strong business model.
  •  Multiple ways to earn revenue. Batteries, lighting, AND We Fix It® phone repairs from both retail AND commercial sales – as a franchise owner, you’ll be the leading single source supplier for your community. No other company offers all of these solutions – in-store, online, and on-the-go.
  •  Unwavering support and training – before, during, and after opening. From Store Development and Store Opening Specialists; to In-Store, Online, and Field Training; Commercial Sales; Marketing; and more – you’ll always have a team of dedicated experts working to help you be successful.
  •  Gaining flexibility and control of your schedule. You’re your own boss, so you can set your work schedule so you don’t miss out on the other important events in your life.
  •  Solving problems for your local community. Your customers don’t want to wait for a solution when their car needs a new battery, they run out of light bulbs, or they break their phone. Be the hero for your community, while they confidently shop from your local business.


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